I can’t get logged into the store what’s going on?

Use the Forgot Password link on the log in page. You will receive an email asking to reactivate your account. Click that link and you will be prompted through reactivation and a password reset. 


How do I find my pre-orders?

Pre-Orders can Be Located in My Account in the Pending Orders sections. From here you can make revisions, update payment details, or cancel the order.

If you require Assistance or have questions please Don’t Hesitate To contact us. We Can Be Reached By The Help Link on the homepage or by emailing sales@zergme.com


Why was my credit card charged for my pre-orders?

Our new Credit Card services must pre-Authorize your Credit Card for a small fee. This fee Is Then Refunded back to your account. If you have any concerns about this process, please contact sales@zergme.com



Why is my American Express being charged a $1.50?

Some customers could see a slightly higher pre-authorization fee due to additional AmEx fees. This transaction Is Refunded back to your account almost immediately.


How do I remove an item from my order?

From your Order History screen, click on your order #, from there you may remove any item you wish from your order, without penalty!

For all Orders placed via PayPal you must contact our Customer Service Team and they will cancel your order and process your refund. 


How do I cancel an order?

From your Order History, click on your order #, and cancel each item from the order. Once All Of The Items Have Been Removed from the order, the order will self cancel. You may see multiple refunds posted to your account depending on the number of canceled items. OR You may contact sales@zergme.com and we will cancel the order for you!


I canceled an item/order. When will I get my refund?

Depending on your banking institution, funds will typically post back to your account in 3-5 business days.


How do I set up a new account?

Click on the Account icon on zergtoys.com.

From this screen, click on Sign Up.

You Will Be Prompted through each step to create your new account!


Can I create multiple shipping addresses?

Yes! From your Account screen, click on Address Book and enter any shipping addresses you wish.  Your orders will Be Shipped to the address you have selected at the time we ship your order. If your order Is Incorrectly Delivered Due To the correct address not being selected, zergtoys will not be responsible for any reshipping or returns fees incurred from this error.


Does my shopping cart hold my items or do I have to submit the order?

Any Items Selected Through The Shopping Cart Feature Are Not Applied to your account until The Cart Is Submitted as an order. Items placed in a shopping cart are still available to sell to other customers. So Its always a good idea to submit your cart as quickly as possible!


I see items in my Shopping Cart but it says Sold Out on your site. Can I still order them?

No. Items held in the Shopping Cart Can Still Be Sold out Of you left the store without submitting your order. If you attempt checkout with Sold Out items in your cart, you will receive a Sold-Out notification.


What is your new Pre-Order Policy?   

Please click here to view our updated Pre-Order Policy


Where can I find your updated Shipping Policy?

Please click here to read our updated Shipping Policy


What is your Returns Policy?

Please click here to read our updated Returns Policy


I am ordering from a country outside the US, why can I not track my package?

For all FedEx Economy International shipments, FedEx recommends Utilizing the local postal service of your country to track the package, not FedEx.com itself.

Please keep in mind that tracking may not update until the shipment reaches your local postal service prior to delivery. This could take 15-20 business days from The Date Of shipment to occur. Please let us know if we can be of further Assistance. Thank you for shopping zergtoys!


Why does Fed Ex say my tracking number is not valid?

Your FedEx Economy International Shipment Cannot Be Tracked using FedEx.com. You must use your home country’s postal service to track your shipment. 


If you do not see an answer to your question, please contact customer service at sales@zergme.com