Why Buy From Us?

Why Buy from Us?

Our family thanks you for your support, we began selling toys online in 2020, although late to the game compared to other e-tailers, we hope to carry those items that are hard to find, great prices, and offer great customer service. We are constantly looking for our next distributor so we can secure a niche in the ever growing toy market. We are fans, collectors, and lovers of plastic art just like yourself and we much appreciate your support. 

We are launching our Shopify platform late 2022 after much investment in product over the course of the last few years. We hope customers find this platform fun to navigate, easy to use, and function in comparison to larger companies whom obviously have much more capital to spend. So sign up today for account at ZergToys, we will keep you up to date of new arrivals and any relevant news. 

We truly love our fans, and we welcome all suggestions on how we can improve! Reach out to us on Facebook or other social media accounts or through a customer service at sales@zergme.com